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Reito Lantern 1 $0.30
Glass Golem 1 $0.25
Spectral Searchlight 1 $0.50
Plague Boiler 1 $0.49
Terrarion 1 $0.25
Bloodletter Quill 1 $0.50
Long-Forgotten Gohei 1 $0.75
Moonring Mirror 1 $0.50
No-Dachi 1 $0.50
Honor-Worn Shaku (FOIL) 1 $0.75
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Champions of Kamigawa All Cards

General's KabutoGeneral's Kabuto1$1.99R
Hair-Strung KotoHair-Strung Koto4$0.50R
Hair-Strung Koto (FOIL)Hair-Strung Koto (FOIL)1$1.00R
Honor-Worn ShakuHonor-Worn Shaku4$0.25U
Honor-Worn Shaku (FOIL)Honor-Worn Shaku (FOIL)3$0.75U
Imi StatueImi Statue4$0.50R
Jade IdolJade Idol4$0.25U
Jade Idol (FOIL)Jade Idol (FOIL)1$0.75U
Journeyer's KiteJourneyer's Kite2$0.99R
Junkyo BellJunkyo Bell4$0.50R
Junkyo Bell (FOIL)Junkyo Bell (FOIL)1$1.00R
Konda's BannerKonda's Banner0$1.49n/aR
Long-Forgotten GoheiLong-Forgotten Gohei2$0.75R
Moonring MirrorMoonring Mirror4$0.50R
Nine-Ringed BoNine-Ringed Bo4$0.10U
Oathkeeper, Takeno's DaishoOathkeeper, Takeno's Daisho0$0.75n/aR
Orochi HatcheryOrochi Hatchery2$0.75R
Reito LanternReito Lantern4$0.30U
Sensei's Divining TopSensei's Divining Top0$4.99n/aU
Shell of the Last KappaShell of the Last Kappa4$0.50R
Tatsumasa, the Dragon's FangTatsumasa, the Dragon's Fang0$1.49n/aR
Tenza, Godo's MaulTenza, Godo's Maul0$0.35n/aU
Uba MaskUba Mask4$0.50R
Ashen-Skin ZuberaAshen-Skin Zubera4$0.15C
Ashen-Skin Zubera (FOIL)Ashen-Skin Zubera (FOIL)1$0.65C
Blood SpeakerBlood Speaker4$0.25U
Blood Speaker (FOIL)Blood Speaker (FOIL)1$0.75U
Bloodthirsty OgreBloodthirsty Ogre4$0.25U
Bloodthirsty Ogre (FOIL)Bloodthirsty Ogre (FOIL)1$0.75U
Cranial ExtractionCranial Extraction1$1.99R
Cruel DeceiverCruel Deceiver4$0.10C
Cruel Deceiver (FOIL)Cruel Deceiver (FOIL)1$0.50C
Cursed RoninCursed Ronin4$0.10C
Cursed Ronin (FOIL)Cursed Ronin (FOIL)1$0.50C
Dance of ShadowsDance of Shadows4$0.20U
Dance of Shadows (FOIL)Dance of Shadows (FOIL)1$0.75U
Deathcurse OgreDeathcurse Ogre4$0.05C
Deathcurse Ogre (FOIL)Deathcurse Ogre (FOIL)2$0.50C
Devouring GreedDevouring Greed4$0.20C
Gibbering KamiGibbering Kami4$0.05C
Gutwrencher OniGutwrencher Oni4$0.35U
Gutwrencher Oni (FOIL)Gutwrencher Oni (FOIL)2$0.85U
He Who HungersHe Who Hungers4$0.50R
He Who Hungers (FOIL)He Who Hungers (FOIL)1$1.00R
Hideous LaughterHideous Laughter4$0.99U
Hideous Laughter (FOIL)Hideous Laughter (FOIL)1$1.99U
Honden of Night's ReachHonden of Night's Reach4$0.49U
Horobi, Death's WailHorobi, Death's Wail4$0.50R
Iname, Death AspectIname, Death Aspect4$0.50R
Kami of LunacyKami of Lunacy4$0.10U
Kami of the Waning MoonKami of the Waning Moon4$0.10C
Kiku, Night's FlowerKiku, Night's Flower4$0.99R
Kokusho, the Evening StarKokusho, the Evening Star1$14.99R
Kuro, PitlordKuro, Pitlord4$0.50R
Kuro, Pitlord (FOIL)Kuro, Pitlord (FOIL)2$1.00R
Midnight CovenantMidnight Covenant4$0.15C
Midnight Covenant (FOIL)Midnight Covenant (FOIL)1$0.50C
Myojin of Night's ReachMyojin of Night's Reach4$2.99R
Nezumi Bone-ReaderNezumi Bone-Reader4$0.35U
Nezumi Bone-Reader (FOIL)Nezumi Bone-Reader (FOIL)1$1.00U
Nezumi CutthroatNezumi Cutthroat4$0.25C
Nezumi GraverobberNezumi Graverobber4$1.50U
Nezumi RoninNezumi Ronin4$0.15C
Nezumi Ronin (FOIL)Nezumi Ronin (FOIL)1$0.50C
Nezumi ShortfangNezumi Shortfang0$2.49n/aR
Night DealingsNight Dealings4$0.50R
Night of Souls' BetrayalNight of Souls' Betrayal3$7.99R
Numai OutcastNumai Outcast4$0.10U
Oni PossessionOni Possession4$0.20U
Painwracker OniPainwracker Oni4$0.30U
Painwracker Oni (FOIL)Painwracker Oni (FOIL)1$0.75U
Pull UnderPull Under4$0.10C
Pull Under (FOIL)Pull Under (FOIL)2$0.50C
Rag DealerRag Dealer4$0.15C
Rag Dealer (FOIL)Rag Dealer (FOIL)3$0.50C
Ragged VeinsRagged Veins4$0.10C
Rend FleshRend Flesh4$0.50C
Rend Flesh (FOIL)Rend Flesh (FOIL)1$1.00C
Rend SpiritRend Spirit4$0.10C
Rend Spirit (FOIL)Rend Spirit (FOIL)3$0.50C
Scuttling DeathScuttling Death4$0.05C
Scuttling Death (FOIL)Scuttling Death (FOIL)1$0.50C
Seizan, Perverter of TruthSeizan, Perverter of Truth4$3.49R
Soulless RevivalSoulless Revival4$0.20C
Soulless Revival (FOIL)Soulless Revival (FOIL)1$0.50C
Struggle for SanityStruggle for Sanity4$0.30U
Swallowing PlagueSwallowing Plague4$0.25U
Thief of HopeThief of Hope0$0.49n/aU
Villainous OgreVillainous Ogre4$0.05C
Waking NightmareWaking Nightmare4$0.15C
Waking Nightmare (FOIL)Waking Nightmare (FOIL)2$0.50C
Wicked AkubaWicked Akuba4$0.35C
Azusa, Lost but SeekingAzusa, Lost but Seeking0$2.49n/aR
Budoka GardenerBudoka Gardener0$0.50n/aR
Burr GrafterBurr Grafter4$0.05C
Commune with NatureCommune with Nature4$0.20C
Dosan the Falling LeafDosan the Falling Leaf4$1.99R
Dripping-Tongue ZuberaDripping-Tongue Zubera4$0.20C
Feast of WormsFeast of Worms4$0.15U
Feast of Worms (FOIL)Feast of Worms (FOIL)1$0.50U
Feral DeceiverFeral Deceiver4$0.10C
Feral Deceiver (FOIL)Feral Deceiver (FOIL)2$0.50C
Gale ForceGale Force4$0.20U
Glimpse of NatureGlimpse of Nature0$14.99n/aR
Hana KamiHana Kami0$0.50n/aU
Heartbeat of SpringHeartbeat of Spring0$1.49n/aR
Honden of Life's WebHonden of Life's Web4$0.50U
Honden of Life's Web (FOIL)Honden of Life's Web (FOIL)4$1.50U
Humble BudokaHumble Budoka4$0.10C
Iname, Life AspectIname, Life Aspect4$0.50R
Joyous RespiteJoyous Respite4$0.15C
Joyous Respite (FOIL)Joyous Respite (FOIL)3$0.50C
Jugan, the Rising StarJugan, the Rising Star0$2.49n/aR
Jukai MessengerJukai Messenger4$0.05C
Kami of the HuntKami of the Hunt4$0.10C
Kami of the Hunt (FOIL)Kami of the Hunt (FOIL)1$0.50C
Kashi-Tribe ReaverKashi-Tribe Reaver4$0.35U
Kashi-Tribe Reaver (FOIL)Kashi-Tribe Reaver (FOIL)1$0.75U
Kashi-Tribe WarriorsKashi-Tribe Warriors4$0.10C
Kodama of the North TreeKodama of the North Tree4$0.75R
Kodama of the South TreeKodama of the South Tree4$0.50R
Kodama's MightKodama's Might4$0.20C
Kodama's Might (FOIL)Kodama's Might (FOIL)2$0.75C
Kodama's ReachKodama's Reach4$0.50C
Matsu-Tribe DecoyMatsu-Tribe Decoy4$0.10C
Matsu-Tribe Decoy (FOIL)Matsu-Tribe Decoy (FOIL)1$0.50C
Moss KamiMoss Kami4$0.10C
Moss Kami (FOIL)Moss Kami (FOIL)1$0.50C
Myojin of Life's WebMyojin of Life's Web0$1.99n/aR
Nature's WillNature's Will4$2.29R
Orbweaver KumoOrbweaver Kumo4$0.10U
Orbweaver Kumo (FOIL)Orbweaver Kumo (FOIL)1$0.50U
Order of the Sacred BellOrder of the Sacred Bell4$0.05C
Order of the Sacred Bell (FOIL)Order of the Sacred Bell (FOIL)1$0.50C
Orochi EggwatcherOrochi Eggwatcher4$0.50U
Orochi LeafcallerOrochi Leafcaller4$0.30C
Orochi RangerOrochi Ranger4$0.15C
Orochi SustainerOrochi Sustainer4$0.15C
Orochi Sustainer (FOIL)Orochi Sustainer (FOIL)1$0.50C
Sachi, Daughter of SeshiroSachi, Daughter of Seshiro4$0.50U
Sakura-Tribe ElderSakura-Tribe Elder4$0.75C
Serpent SkinSerpent Skin4$0.15C
Serpent Skin (FOIL)Serpent Skin (FOIL)1$0.50C
Seshiro the AnointedSeshiro the Anointed4$9.99R
Shisato, Whispering HunterShisato, Whispering Hunter4$0.50R
Sosuke, Son of SeshiroSosuke, Son of Seshiro0$0.25n/aU
Strength of CedarsStrength of Cedars4$0.35U
Thousand-legged KamiThousand-legged Kami4$0.30U
Time of NeedTime of Need0$0.99n/aU
Venerable KumoVenerable Kumo4$0.05C
Vine KamiVine Kami4$0.10C
Wear AwayWear Away4$0.25C
Wear Away (FOIL)Wear Away (FOIL)2$0.75C
Boseiju, Who Shelters AllBoseiju, Who Shelters All0$5.99n/aR
Cloudcrest LakeCloudcrest Lake4$0.50U
Eiganjo CastleEiganjo Castle0$1.99n/aR
Forbidden OrchardForbidden Orchard0$5.99n/aR
Forest (FOIL)Forest (FOIL)17$0.29C
Hall of the Bandit LordHall of the Bandit Lord4$3.99R
Lantern-Lit GraveyardLantern-Lit Graveyard4$0.79U
Minamo, School at Water's EdgeMinamo, School at Water's Edge0$1.99n/aR
Mountain (FOIL)Mountain (FOIL)4$0.29C
Okina, Temple to the GrandfathersOkina, Temple to the Grandfathers0$0.50n/aR
Pinecrest RidgePinecrest Ridge4$0.35U
Plains (FOIL)Plains (FOIL)1$0.29C
Shinka, the Bloodsoaked KeepShinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep4$1.99R
Shizo, Death's StorehouseShizo, Death's Storehouse0$3.99n/aR
Swamp (FOIL)Swamp (FOIL)8$0.29C
Tranquil GardenTranquil Garden4$0.50U
Untaidake, the Cloud KeeperUntaidake, the Cloud Keeper4$0.50R
Waterveil CavernWaterveil Cavern0$0.35n/aU
Akki AvalanchersAkki Avalanchers4$0.15C
Akki Avalanchers (FOIL)Akki Avalanchers (FOIL)1$0.50C
Akki CoalflingerAkki Coalflinger4$0.30U
Akki LavarunnerAkki Lavarunner4$0.50R
Akki RockspeakerAkki Rockspeaker4$0.10C
Akki UnderminerAkki Underminer4$0.35U
Battle-Mad RoninBattle-Mad Ronin4$0.15C
Ben-Ben, Akki HermitBen-Ben, Akki Hermit4$0.50R
Blind with AngerBlind with Anger4$0.50U
Blood RitesBlood Rites4$0.20U
Blood Rites (FOIL)Blood Rites (FOIL)1$0.75U
Brothers YamazakiBrothers Yamazaki4$0.50U
Brutal DeceiverBrutal Deceiver4$0.10C
Brutal Deceiver (FOIL)Brutal Deceiver (FOIL)2$0.50C
Crushing PainCrushing Pain4$0.15C
Crushing Pain (FOIL)Crushing Pain (FOIL)1$0.50C
Desperate RitualDesperate Ritual0$0.99n/aC
Devouring RageDevouring Rage4$0.10C
Ember-Fist ZuberaEmber-Fist Zubera4$0.25C
Frostwielder (FOIL)Frostwielder (FOIL)2$0.50C
Glacial RayGlacial Ray0$0.40n/aC
Glacial Ray (FOIL)Glacial Ray (FOIL)1$1.00C
Godo, Bandit WarlordGodo, Bandit Warlord0$0.99n/aR
Hanabi BlastHanabi Blast4$0.15U
Hearth KamiHearth Kami4$0.25C
Hearth Kami (FOIL)Hearth Kami (FOIL)1$0.75C
Honden of Infinite RageHonden of Infinite Rage4$0.49U
Initiate of BloodInitiate of Blood4$0.30U
Initiate of Blood (FOIL)Initiate of Blood (FOIL)1$1.00U
Kami of Fire's RoarKami of Fire's Roar4$0.10C
Kami of Fire's Roar (FOIL)Kami of Fire's Roar (FOIL)1$0.50C
Kiki-Jiki, Mirror BreakerKiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker0$4.99n/aR
Kumano, Master YamabushiKumano, Master Yamabushi4$0.50R
Kumano's PupilsKumano's Pupils4$0.10U
Lava SpikeLava Spike0$0.50n/aC
Mana SeismMana Seism4$0.20U
Mana Seism (FOIL)Mana Seism (FOIL)1$0.75U
Myojin of Infinite RageMyojin of Infinite Rage4$0.50R
Ore GorgerOre Gorger4$0.10U
Ore Gorger (FOIL)Ore Gorger (FOIL)1$0.50U
Pain KamiPain Kami4$0.25U
Ronin HoundmasterRonin Houndmaster4$0.25C
Ryusei, the Falling StarRyusei, the Falling Star0$1.49n/aR
Ryusei, the Falling Star (Pre-Release)Ryusei, the Falling Star (Pre-Release)1$3.99R
Shimatsu the BloodcloakedShimatsu the Bloodcloaked4$0.50R
Sideswipe (FOIL)Sideswipe (FOIL)1$0.75U
Sokenzan BruiserSokenzan Bruiser4$0.05C
Sokenzan Bruiser (FOIL)Sokenzan Bruiser (FOIL)1$0.50C
Soul of MagmaSoul of Magma4$0.10C
Soul of Magma (FOIL)Soul of Magma (FOIL)2$0.50C
Stone RainStone Rain4$0.15C
Strange InversionStrange Inversion4$0.25U
Through the BreachThrough the Breach1$24.99R
Tide of WarTide of War4$0.50R
Tide of War (FOIL)Tide of War (FOIL)1$1.00R
Uncontrollable AngerUncontrollable Anger4$0.15C
Uncontrollable Anger (FOIL)Uncontrollable Anger (FOIL)2$0.50C
Unearthly BlizzardUnearthly Blizzard4$0.10C
Unnatural SpeedUnnatural Speed4$0.10C
Yamabushi's FlameYamabushi's Flame4$0.20C
Yamabushi's StormYamabushi's Storm4$0.05C
Zo-Zu the PunisherZo-Zu the Punisher3$0.99R
Aura of DominionAura of Dominion4$0.25U
Azami, Lady of ScrollsAzami, Lady of Scrolls0$0.99n/aR
Callous DeceiverCallous Deceiver4$0.10C
Callous Deceiver (FOIL)Callous Deceiver (FOIL)1$0.50C
Consuming VortexConsuming Vortex4$0.15C
Counsel of the SoratamiCounsel of the Soratami4$0.25C
Cut the TethersCut the Tethers4$0.15U
Cut the Tethers (FOIL)Cut the Tethers (FOIL)1$0.75U
Dampen ThoughtDampen Thought4$0.75U
Eerie ProcessionEerie Procession4$0.35U
Eye of NowhereEye of Nowhere4$0.25C
Field of RealityField of Reality4$0.05C
Field of Reality (FOIL)Field of Reality (FOIL)1$0.50C
Floating-Dream ZuberaFloating-Dream Zubera4$0.15C
Floating-Dream Zubera (FOIL)Floating-Dream Zubera (FOIL)1$0.50C
Gifts UngivenGifts Ungiven4$24.99R
Graceful AdeptGraceful Adept4$0.50U
Guardian of SolitudeGuardian of Solitude4$0.30U
Guardian of Solitude (FOIL)Guardian of Solitude (FOIL)1$1.00U
Hisoka, Minamo SenseiHisoka, Minamo Sensei4$0.50R
Hisoka's DefianceHisoka's Defiance4$0.15C
Hisoka's GuardHisoka's Guard4$0.10C
Honden of Seeing WindsHonden of Seeing Winds4$0.50U
Jushi ApprenticeJushi Apprentice4$0.75R
Kami of Twisted ReflectionKami of Twisted Reflection4$0.05C
Keiga, the Tide StarKeiga, the Tide Star0$3.99n/aR
Lifted by CloudsLifted by Clouds4$0.10C
Lifted by Clouds (FOIL)Lifted by Clouds (FOIL)1$0.50C
Meloku the Clouded MirrorMeloku the Clouded Mirror0$1.99n/aR
Myojin of Seeing WindsMyojin of Seeing Winds4$0.50R
Mystic RestraintsMystic Restraints4$0.10C
Part the VeilPart the Veil4$0.50R
Part the Veil (FOIL)Part the Veil (FOIL)1$1.00R
Peer Through DepthsPeer Through Depths4$0.20C
Petals of InsightPetals of Insight4$0.20U
Psychic PuppetryPsychic Puppetry4$0.15C
Psychic Puppetry (FOIL)Psychic Puppetry (FOIL)2$0.50C
Reach Through MistsReach Through Mists4$0.35C
Reach Through Mists (FOIL)Reach Through Mists (FOIL)2$1.00C
River KaijinRiver Kaijin4$0.10C
Sift Through SandsSift Through Sands4$0.30C
Sift Through Sands (FOIL)Sift Through Sands (FOIL)1$1.00C
Sire of the StormSire of the Storm4$0.20U
Sire of the Storm (FOIL)Sire of the Storm (FOIL)2$0.75U
Soratami CloudskaterSoratami Cloudskater4$0.10C
Soratami Cloudskater (FOIL)Soratami Cloudskater (FOIL)1$0.50C
Soratami Mirror-GuardSoratami Mirror-Guard4$0.10C
Soratami Mirror-Guard (FOIL)Soratami Mirror-Guard (FOIL)2$0.50C
Soratami Mirror-MageSoratami Mirror-Mage4$0.20U
Soratami RainshaperSoratami Rainshaper4$0.10C
Soratami Rainshaper (FOIL)Soratami Rainshaper (FOIL)1$0.50C
Soratami SavantSoratami Savant4$0.45U
Soratami SeerSoratami Seer4$0.15U
Student of ElementsStudent of Elements4$0.35U
Student of Elements (FOIL)Student of Elements (FOIL)1$1.00U
Swirl the MistsSwirl the Mists4$0.50R
Teller of TalesTeller of Tales4$0.10C
Teller of Tales (FOIL)Teller of Tales (FOIL)2$0.50C
The UnspeakableThe Unspeakable4$0.50R
Time StopTime Stop4$1.49R
Uyo, Silent ProphetUyo, Silent Prophet4$0.50R
Wandering OnesWandering Ones4$0.10C
Blessed BreathBlessed Breath4$0.10C
Bushi TenderfootBushi Tenderfoot4$0.25U
Cage of HandsCage of Hands4$0.20C
Call to GloryCall to Glory4$0.20C
Call to Glory (FOIL)Call to Glory (FOIL)2$0.75C
Candles' GlowCandles' Glow4$0.35U
Candles' Glow (FOIL)Candles' Glow (FOIL)1$1.00U
Cleanfall (FOIL)Cleanfall (FOIL)1$0.75U
Devoted RetainerDevoted Retainer4$0.25C
Devoted Retainer (FOIL)Devoted Retainer (FOIL)1$0.75C
Ethereal HazeEthereal Haze2$0.20C
Ghostly PrisonGhostly Prison0$0.99n/aU
Harsh DeceiverHarsh Deceiver4$0.10C
Hikari, Twilight GuardianHikari, Twilight Guardian4$0.50R
Hold the LineHold the Line4$0.99R
Honden of Cleansing FireHonden of Cleansing Fire4$0.59U
Horizon SeedHorizon Seed4$0.15U
Hundred-Talon KamiHundred-Talon Kami4$0.10C
Hundred-Talon Kami (FOIL)Hundred-Talon Kami (FOIL)1$0.50C
Indomitable WillIndomitable Will4$0.10C
Innocence KamiInnocence Kami4$0.15U
Innocence Kami (FOIL)Innocence Kami (FOIL)1$0.50U
Isamaru, Hound of KondaIsamaru, Hound of Konda4$3.99R
Kabuto MothKabuto Moth4$0.10C
Kami of Ancient LawKami of Ancient Law2$0.25C
Kami of Ancient Law (FOIL)Kami of Ancient Law (FOIL)1$1.00C
Kami of Old StoneKami of Old Stone4$0.30U
Kami of the Painted RoadKami of the Painted Road4$0.10C
Kami of the Palace FieldsKami of the Palace Fields4$0.15U
Kami of the Palace Fields (FOIL)Kami of the Palace Fields (FOIL)1$0.50U
Kitsune BlademasterKitsune Blademaster4$0.25C
Kitsune DivinerKitsune Diviner4$0.10C
Kitsune HealerKitsune Healer4$0.10C
Kitsune MysticKitsune Mystic1$0.50R
Kitsune RiftwalkerKitsune Riftwalker4$0.10C
Kitsune Riftwalker (FOIL)Kitsune Riftwalker (FOIL)2$0.50C
Konda, Lord of EiganjoKonda, Lord of Eiganjo0$2.99n/aR
Konda's HatamotoKonda's Hatamoto0$0.50n/aU
Konda's Hatamoto (FOIL)Konda's Hatamoto (FOIL)2$1.50U
Lantern KamiLantern Kami4$0.35C
Masako the HumorlessMasako the Humorless4$0.99R
Mothrider SamuraiMothrider Samurai4$0.25C
Mothrider Samurai (FOIL)Mothrider Samurai (FOIL)1$0.50C
Myojin of Cleansing FireMyojin of Cleansing Fire4$1.99R
Nagao, Bound by HonorNagao, Bound by Honor2$0.25U
Otherworldly JourneyOtherworldly Journey0$0.50n/aU
Pious KitsunePious Kitsune4$0.15C
Pious Kitsune (FOIL)Pious Kitsune (FOIL)1$0.50C
Quiet PurityQuiet Purity4$0.15C
Reverse the SandsReverse the Sands4$0.50R
Samurai EnforcersSamurai Enforcers0$0.50n/aU
Samurai of the Pale CurtainSamurai of the Pale Curtain4$1.50U
Sensei Golden-TailSensei Golden-Tail0$0.75n/aR
Silent-Chant ZuberaSilent-Chant Zubera4$0.20C
Takeno, Samurai GeneralTakeno, Samurai General4$0.50R
Terashi's CryTerashi's Cry4$0.10C
Vassal's DutyVassal's Duty4$0.50R
Vassal's Duty (FOIL)Vassal's Duty (FOIL)1$1.00R
Yosei, the Morning StarYosei, the Morning Star0$3.99n/aR
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