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Below is a list of the Top 30 Decks that have generated the most discussions in our Deck section. Click on the deck to view the deck and all the comments.

No.Deck NameFormatFromDateColorsComments
1Yet Another Attempt at Bloodchief ControlStandardLiquid11/3/200952
2Mono White CraftStandardazxdcrs24951/14/201149
3Knights and Angels w/ SideboardStandardSpartanzealot99/10/201047
44c ThresholdType 1.5/Legacydog9/24/200846
5B/R Mid-RAnGEStandard>KATZ<11/4/201145
6Elven StampedeStandardZEU$™5/12/201143
7Sliver fish 2.0Type 1.5/Legacyneoflash5/22/200742
8Affinity For Grand Prix Chicago (Testing)Type 1.5/LegacyMoogle1/28/200942
95C Swans AssaultCasual PlayROJ9086/1/201541
10Let them burnType 1.5/LegacyCorwin12/21/201037
11Fire Stirring Bloodchief StandardwOnDer10/27/200936
12Elves with a Side of Beastie GoodnessStandardSpartanzealot910/2/201036
13Squees gone wildType 1.5/LegacyPhoenix Ignition11/10/200834
14Landstill with a moatType 1.5/Legacydog1/21/200934
15Legacy AlurenType 1.5/LegacyWmagzoo78/22/200633
16Test for Grand Prix Chicago (Help!)Type 1.5/LegacyMoogle1/12/200933
171.5 Merfolk 2nd versionType 1.5/LegacyPhoenix Ignition7/10/200832
18Ad Nauseum's Only deckType 1.5/LegacyPhoenix Ignition9/29/200832
19Turbo FlareStandard>KATZ<3/15/201031
20Haste counterStandardtsprules5/26/201031
21Goblins....Burns....StandardMr M12/2/201130
22Bond BloodStandardAgonia6/19/201230
23POXType 1.5/Legacyhandless fighter3/19/200729
24NoPower TendrilsClassic/VintageJed5/1/200828
25Demon Fling Mark IIStandardSpartanzealot912/27/201028
26Deep Blue SeaType 1.5/Legacyhandless fighter2/20/201128
27Oath of Druids [Testing/Drainless!]Classic/VintageMoogle3/3/201128
281.5 MerfolkType 1.5/LegacyPhoenix Ignition6/25/200827
29Next Level Dragon StormExtendedGrebyn865/28/200927
304c Vengeant V1.23523Standardanonymous5/2/201027 is searching for writers to contribute articles to our Articles section. Articles submissions we are interested in are:

Magic set reviews
Tournament reports
Pro-Tour and Qualifier reports
Magic Scene
Your own weekly or daily column

Interested parties please contact MTGCity at e-mail address. There is no pay for contributions.

If you always wanted to have a voice on the internet this is your chance.
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