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Lorwyn Theme Deck: Boggart Feast - Theme Format

  'Lorwyn Theme Deck: Boggart Feast' by webmaster submitted on 10/15/2007 xxx80.206.196
Main DeckSideboard
12 Swamp
10 Mountain
2 Shimmering Grotto C

3 Facevaulter C
2 Exiled Boggart C
1 Squeaking Pie Sneak U
2 Boggart Harbinger U
2 Ghostly Changeling U
1 Mad Auntie R
1 Spiderwig Boggart C
1 Boggart Mob R
2 Marsh Flitter U
2 Hornet Harasser C
2 Warren Pilferers C
3 Adder-Staff Boggart C
1 Goatnapper U
2 Mudbutton Torchrunner C
2 Lowland Oaf C
1 Tar Pitcher U
2 Boggart Birth Rite C
1 Fodder Launch U
1 Hoarder's Greed U
2 Tarfire C
2 Boggart Shenanigans U

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When playing the “Boggart Feast” deck, you’re running a raucous warren of expendable, accident-prone Goblins. Enjoy the sadistic delight of offing your own creatures for fun and profit, since that’s what Facevaulter, Tar Pitcher, and Fodder Launch do. But have no fear—there are always more Goblins! Boggart Birth Rite and Warren Pilferers yank your critters back from the grave, and Marsh Flitter and Boggart Mob put Goblin tokens into play.

If that’s not twisted enough, some of these insane little freaks like to die! When Mudbutton Torchrunner or Hornet Harasser keels over, it can take an enemy creature out with it. And Boggart Shenanigans damages your opponent whenever any of your Goblins gets whacked. With this deck, that can add up in a hurry!
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10/15/2007 9:16:46 PM
i don't know why, but i hate all br decks except for the planar chaos one. it was probably because rakdos ruined it for me.
10/15/2007 11:06:02 PM
i'm not understanding why they didn't put wort in here. now my real-life deck will take forever to build since i don't have an easy way to get a bunch of worts. -_-
10/16/2007 7:03:59 PM
i know!! i commented on that somewhere else, too. they add sygg, horde of notions, and gilt leaf in the other decks. why not wort.
10/16/2007 11:12:18 PM
what's wrong with rakdos bloodsport? i tweaked that deck into a massive slaughtering multiplayer kick@$$ pain destroyer.
while this deck isn't the easiest to work with, it's really fun to play with. a mass of screeching goblins having a disgustingly wonderful time, if you're a magic nerd looking for a fun time, this deck is definately it!
10/17/2007 3:17:44 PM
what's wrong with rakdos?? first all the cards for it suck. espacially rakdos. second of all, their ability- hellbent- encourages you to discard cards instead of draw them- which saves your opponent time and mana.
10/17/2007 5:45:24 PM
ok, i know this question has nothing to do with this debate but......i want to make a snake's deck...and the only good card i have found is ohran viper,could you guys help me?, the only thing is that it has to have a solid strategy,i know its lame but i want to do it anyway, thanks...
10/17/2007 7:23:48 PM
look at the champions of kamigawa snake theme deck, buy it or get ideas from there. kamigawa block is full of good snakes.
10/17/2007 7:51:24 PM
snake deck, huh? try seshiro the annointed, patron of the orochi, and if you want to play really risky, an endless swarm (which sucks, but you might as well try it.)
10/21/2007 2:34:12 AM
i saw kamigawa's snake deck and it sucks, it has no strategy, the only good card in that deck is sensei's divining top, plz tell me something i dont know....
any other ideas?
10/24/2007 12:19:04 PM
this is a nicely done theme deck but i prefer the elves, my little brother bought this and we tweaked it a little. we added 3 boggart shenaniggans and 1 madd auntie, and it kicks some tail. mot to mention its fairly decent right out of the box.
10/24/2007 6:28:49 PM
okay, i take back what i said about hating this deck. i prefer the other decks (except kithkin) over this one, but it's still nice. but i still hate rakdos.
10/24/2007 10:11:23 PM
my deck is better than your deck


steel wall-1
dream stalker-3
severed legion-2
phantom warrior-2
serendib sorceror-1
shimian specter-1
primal plasma-2
air elemental-1
plasma elemental-2
magus of the mirror-1
platinum angel-1
denizen of the deep-1

blue spells-3

web of inertia-1
fools demise-1

black spells-3

kor dirge-1
diabolic tutor-1
hissing miasma-1


whispersilk cloak-3
akroma's memorial-1
slagwurm armor-1
ensouled scimitar-1
loxodon warhammer-1
icy manipulator-1
sword of kaldra-1
umizawa's jitte-1


10/24/2007 10:13:20 PM
although a shattering spree card would kill me...
11/3/2007 12:00:53 AM
i have this deck and its great. u dont hav 2 worry about waiting for the right time 2 attack since u can bring ur guys right back from ur graveyard to ur hand. if u hav a boddart shenanigans out u can do extra damage while sacrificing ur guys 2 do their funky abilities like march flitter geting 2 be a 3/3 flyer. the deck also has instances and sorcerys that count as goblins so u can bring them back ur hand 2. the fun thing is ur oponent is not going 2 want 2 kill ur guys cuz of their abilities. so u get to attack without ur oponent wanting 2 block u. if there is ever a creature that is realy big u can just use fodder launch so that creature gets -5/-5, u deal 5 damage 2 the creature's control and u get 2 sacrifice a goblin for another crazy ability. get this deck. :p
11/4/2007 1:13:48 PM
i agree doot. tweak it a bit, have fun. that's what it's for.

as for the rakdos,
admittidly they're hard to use, but they can really slaughter (as long as you dont depend on the hellbent ability which can ruin you if you don't use it properly)
your oppents with a good combination of regenerating creatures like gobhobbler rats with a ragamuffin. they work famously together. i won a bunch of games with those two
11/12/2007 7:55:22 PM
i have one like this i use fodder launch facevaulter yada yada but i use facevaulter with stingscrouger to put away blockers it's fun for quick game
11/12/2007 9:12:25 PM
boggarts are fun to play with whether or not they die all time theres plenty of ways to bring em back for more fun, not to mention the pics are awesome. my boggart deck wins like half the time but its always take opponent down to at least 3 life and its really fun to play with. i'd recommend a boggart deck to anyone tired of constantly winning with your good decks and have a little fun.
11/13/2007 3:34:25 PM
seriously. winning all the time sucks. for those of you who dont know that, trust me, it sucks! arkana is totally right. this deck is lots of fun to play with.
11/13/2007 5:29:52 PM
i just love regeneration decks. they kick ass! i would add like a grim harvest or something
11/15/2007 4:33:08 PM
i love playing regeneration/necromancy decks against big time instant/sorcery decks. it rocks!!!
12/1/2007 9:27:11 AM
this is a really good pre-con deck.
this and the elf deck of this series would be a good match.

my friends got the elf one and im getting this adding 4 lava axes, some volcanic hammer's and some other stuff to hit their life directly. kick ass deck
12/30/2007 4:56:22 PM
i haven't gotten this deck but i made one thats very similar from scratch.

22 lands:
10 mountains,
9 swamps,
1 vivid crag,
1 goblin burrows,
1 auntie's hovel.

27 red cards:
1 goblin sledder
1 goblin warchief
1 caterwauling boggart
1 siege-gang commander
1 adder-staff boggart
2 mogg war marshal
1 changeling berserker
3 emberwide augur
1 skirk fire marshal
2 tar pitcher
1 ib halfheart, goblin tactician
2 mudbutton torchrunner
1 mogg fanatic
1 hostility
3 tarfire
2 boggart shenanigans
1 lightning bolt
1 goblin caves

9 black cards
1 knucklebone witch
1 nath's buffoon
1 exiled boggart
1 skeletal changeling
1 warren pilferers
1 boggart birth rite
1 fodder launch
1 faerie tauntings
1 nameless inversion
1 herbal poultice

so far it hasn't lost.
2/1/2008 7:39:29 PM
i have found an infinite damage combo in this deck. i won't tell because i dont belive in that stuff but ill tell you the cards involved.

boggart mob
bogaart shenanigans
marsh flitter

note: these are the cards in the deck and the marsh flitter can be replaced by anything that lets you sacrifice goblins for free.

2/1/2008 7:50:58 PM
boggart mob only activates if a goblin deals combat damage, not effect damage. therefore, boggart shenanigans doesn't trigger mob's ability.
2/2/2008 8:29:31 AM
is my cmputer being stupid or the links o the mornintide theme decks send you to this deck?
if anyone doesnt no the theme decks can be found by puting morningtide theme decks in magic´s homepage.
2/2/2008 10:06:17 AM
yes, i know1 the exact same thing happened to my computer!
2/2/2008 8:04:46 PM
i bought the shamanism theme deck, it is sssssssssooooooooo good.
2/2/2008 9:38:22 PM
sweet! i'm trying to decide between between the warrior or the shaman deck. but i think i'll go with the shaman deck.
2/3/2008 8:29:52 AM
that 8/8 might be good but suppose this, you pponent has a loxodon warhammer in play, 3 tapped lands and nothing more, you play your fourth land and play the giant, he searches for white akroma, and in his turn equips, while he gains life and then kills the giant with first strike.
2/7/2008 7:16:08 PM
this isnt really on topic but is the theme deck warrors code any good
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