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Saviors of Kamigawa Theme Deck: Soratami's Wisdom - Theme Format

  'Saviors of Kamigawa Theme Deck: Soratami's Wisdom ' by webmaster submitted on 6/21/2005 xxx.199.243.55
Main DeckSideboard
12 Plains
11 Island

2 Kitsune Loreweaver C
1 Kitsune Bonesetter C
2 Descendant of Kiyomaro U
1 Eiganjo Free-Riders U
1 Floodbringer C
2 Minamo Scrollkeeper C
2 Soratami Cloudskater C
1 Kami of the Crescent Moon R
1 Graceful Adept U
2 Moonbow Illusionist C
1 Soratami Rainshaper C
2 Descendant of Soramaro C
2 Oboro Envoy U
1 Kiri-Onna U
1 Soramaro, First to Dream R
2 Cowed by Wisdom C
2 Plow Through Reito C
1 Terashi's Verdict U
2 Cage of Hands C
1 Presence of the Wise U
1 Charge Across the Araba U
1 Hail of Arrows U
2 Counsel of the Soratami C
1 Freed from the Real C
1 Overwhelming Intellect U
1 Hankyu U

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ninja higure
6/29/2005 7:25:01 PM
is this deck any good?
Darth Jesus
7/2/2005 6:10:06 PM
no, not really
7/27/2005 12:01:53 AM
wuts the best deck in kamigawa block?
7/30/2005 9:53:03 PM
8/2/2005 9:58:57 AM
This deck looks pretty good actually... maybe I'll buy it...?
8/2/2005 10:51:56 AM
naw i like the critical mass 1 better
8/9/2005 12:32:18 PM
i bought this deck... actualy, its amazing... the wisdom is pretty powerful. i got about 50 cards in my hand, then played presence of the wise (i gained 100 life). its actualy okay... i advise geting it
8/18/2005 11:18:01 AM
Buy this for the rares.
Ur mom
8/29/2005 7:21:57 PM
i love this deck i even made it better by ording more this deck is rly fun. like alex said u get alot of cards in ur hand
9/4/2005 1:32:32 PM
I'dont know. mabie i'l try try it to build...
11/10/2005 9:01:12 AM
cool deck, and if we have many cards in hand, we can use the superb Soramaro to end the game.^_^
3/27/2006 6:27:17 PM
bought it
loved it
added some kick A** cards to it kicks even more A**
4/14/2006 6:53:12 PM
this deck is worth buying me and my friend played with it i was the critical mass and he was this deck and he destroyed me. can anyone help me out with some card recommendations for critical mass i have no idea how to play it and win please email me at
5/27/2006 7:38:42 AM
try adding azami, and azami tommorows familiar, great way to draw tons of cards and pimp out somoramo
Casual Guy
6/1/2006 10:59:41 PM
This deck is not so great. I bought it and it is too slow. It would be good if they added spellbook and other stuff that I am too lazy to state.
10/29/2006 1:03:05 PM
this deck isn't that good. but it could be a huge support to the heavy hitters green deck if you took out the white cards and added the first to live guy.
5/3/2007 12:10:00 PM
this is actualy a pretty a good deck well atleast i never lost with it. the oboro envoy is awsome, becouse hte effect doesnt leave at end of turn, or it doesnt say it does at least. if ime missstaken somebody tell me.
random kid
5/4/2007 3:05:43 PM
i say this deck is great minus the speed... need faster white cards... otherwise, this is a great deck. can't say which is the best in kamigawa block... they are all good... (personally)
boros boy
5/20/2007 12:30:54 PM
good deck i would not buy it
2/7/2008 9:19:24 PM
this deck is insane i got 50 cads in hand with the myojin of seeing winds and attacked with soramaro.
3/26/2008 5:31:23 PM
dude, this deck is awsome just think about it . the star card has flying and ots power and toughness equal to the amount of cards in your hand. to add to that it has a combo on itself allowing you to draw 2 extra cards. i'm telling you this card owns. if you don't buy it, your a nooby sap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4/7/2008 9:14:51 PM
i like it but i have too many slow decks to use it right now
killer clown
4/9/2008 6:07:26 PM
7/27/2005 12:01:53 am
wuts the best deck in kamigawa block?


the best by far is rats' nest. but it's kinda expensive cause of jitte.
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