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Eighth Edition Theme: Speed Scorch - Theme Format

  'Eighth Edition Theme: Speed Scorch' by webmaster submitted on 8/3/2004 xxx175.118.162
Main DeckSideboard
17 Mountain

1 Mogg Sentry R
4 Raging Goblin C
1 Goblin Glider U
4 Goblin Raider C
4 Goblin Chariot C
1 Goblin King R
1 Shock C
1 Guerrilla Tactics U
1 Volcanic Hammer C
1 Demolish U
1 Lightning Blast U
1 Blaze U
1 Enrage U
1 Fodder Cannon U

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The ''Speed Scorch'' deck is chock-full of everyone's favorite little red creatures. All but one of the deck's creatures are Goblins, and the last creature is the Goblin King! Your mission is clear: overrun your opponent with Goblins. While your opponent tries to fend off your horde, you can use your instants and sorceries to blow things up.

During your first few turns, slap down Goblins as fast as you can and attack. You can play every creature in your deck with just three lands in play. Surprise your opponent with Raging Goblin and Goblin Chariot. Because they have haste, you'll be able to attack with them right away.

Want to make your Goblins truly love you? Play Goblin King to give all your Goblins +1/+1. (The Goblin King is a Lord, not a Goblin, so it doesn't get the bonus.) Don't attack with Goblin King unless your opponent has no blockers-you don't want your pumped-up Goblins to suddenly get smaller.

''Speed Scorch'' has some spells that help you get your Goblins through your opponent's defenses. ''Burn'' spells, like Shock and Lightning Blast, deal damage directly to a creature or player. Hold on to them until your opponent plays a creature that could block, then use one to burn that potential blocker away.

Need an extra dose of damage to take out your opponent's creatures? Don't be afraid to stuff your Goblins into the Fodder Cannon. One of your measly little Goblins for one of your opponent's big monsters? That's a good trade.

If you've done enough attacking with your Goblins, you may be able to finish off your opponent with one or more of your burn spells. But before you start targeting your opponent with your fiery spells, make sure you can finish the job. Don't waste your direct damage on an opponent who could win with creatures first!

The most important thing to remember when playing the ''Speed Scorch'' deck is this: don't hold back! If you hesitate, other decks gain the advantage. Go all out, and you'll win.
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Sir BurnsAlot
4/9/2005 3:19:05 PM
I say to take out the shock and put in lightning bolt and make this deck illegal. who plays a set deck in tournaments anywayz am i right? pump this bad boy up and attack alot. i wouldnt hurt to put a goblin charbeltcher in there and a furnace of wrath.
master of fungus
5/18/2007 2:54:54 PM
i wise this deck cane with a goblin piledriver
5/29/2007 11:05:26 PM
learn to spell retard
Green man
7/2/2007 9:38:35 PM
put in goblin warcheif and a seige gang commander to deal direct damage to players. another good goblin to put in reckless one.
Noob Party
7/20/2008 8:00:08 AM
i only like half of the uncommon and rares here..
6/22/2014 12:18:34 AM
have you tried the act 2 goblin famring area by the ancient path waypoint? my friends in sc do it with a lot of success but i am afraid to try it in hc. unsure if i can handle clearing the mobs before going after the goblin
6/22/2014 2:58:12 PM
that's pretty asemowe rundown of the different goblins. would be interesting to see long term if there really is that much of a difference in the drops!i'll also keep an eye out for them over on
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