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Eighth Edition Theme: Life Boost - Theme Format

  'Eighth Edition Theme: Life Boost' by webmaster submitted on 8/3/2004 xxx175.118.162
Main DeckSideboard
17 Plains

2 Suntail Hawk C
2 Tundra Wolves C
2 Angelic Page C
2 Crossbow Infantry C
3 Venerable Monk C
1 Diving Griffin C
1 Seasoned Marshal U
2 Angel of Mercy U
1 Staunch Defenders U
1 Healing Salve C
1 Spirit Link U
1 Blessed Reversal R
1 Pacifism C
1 Glorious Anthem R
1 Chastise U
1 Ivory Cup U

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The ''Life Boost'' deck lets you build your own army of Soldiers, with Angels to lead them. To win with this deck, play your small creatures as quickly as you can to deal some early damage. If your opponent manages to hold off your attackers, build a strong defense. Then you can start cautiously attacking again to get in those final points of damage.

Half your creatures cost only one or two mana to play, so you can get them on the table quickly. Attack with swarms of your small creatures if you can get some damage through, even if that means you lose a creature. If your casualties become too great, hold off until you have enough mana to play your bigger creatures, such as Angel of Mercy. You can also make all your little creatures bigger with the enchantment Glorious Anthem. Giving your entire army +1/+1 makes it a force to be reckoned with.

It's okay if you take some damage early on. The deck has many cards that raise your life total, including creatures that give you life when they come into play. But try not to use the Healing Salve just to gain life unless you're about to lose. You can put it to better use saving one of your creatures that would otherwise take lethal damage.

Gaining life is great, but don't let up on the attack. If you don't deal damage to your opponent, the highest life total in the world won't matter. Use your flying creatures to soar above your opponent's forces. Also, Seasoned Marshal is a great leader for your ground troops. When it attacks, you can tap your opponent's biggest defender to help your army punch through.

What else can you do about your opponent's creatures? Crossbow Infantry can take care of the smaller ones. Keep one Crossbow Infantry untapped and your opponent won't want to attack or block with small creatures. You can use Chastise, Pacifism, or Spirit Link to protect yourself from huge creatures. Remember that if you play Spirit Link on an opponent's creature, you gain life every time it deals damage!
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10/26/2004 9:05:10 PM
Not a bad deck to stay alive with hints the name but the offence sux
Nezumi Nigel
2/25/2005 10:58:25 AM
This deck is so so so annoying. Pacifisms are just the worst card invented, and there is nothing worse than a deck built plainly around small annoying life boosting creatures.
HOWEVER. . . . . . if you need to win, this deck is actually very good at beating all sorts of decks.
7/28/2005 2:27:38 PM
Pacifism is not actually the worst card, Leveler is the biggest piece of s*** ever. Paci actually can be good. Paci, arrest, Yosei, and some slith ascendent in this deck could help it a lot. That and ethereal haze.
8/4/2005 7:20:22 PM
okay okay okay.... u guys r actualy saying that this deck is good>?????????????????????????????????????????????
gol d diggar
11/24/2005 6:07:53 PM
yeh it is . it s awesomely good
12/24/2005 3:40:43 PM
its ok but i really only want the g anthem
8/13/2006 4:42:11 PM
needs seera angel 4/4 flyin vigalunch
9/3/2006 10:05:26 PM
yea seera angel 4/4 flyin vigulaunch would be very very homo card
9/4/2006 9:43:04 AM
FireMonkey: You say Leveler is sh*t? I say: No, it's just a combo card. Have you ever tried Shared Fate + Leveler?
Two sh*tty cards make great combination: You get 5 mana 10/10 and your opponent won't be able to draw anything anymore but you will draw, from his/her deck ^^
10/30/2006 4:10:13 PM
my friend got this deck and combined it with the flight assult one. it's actuallly pretty good
random kid
5/4/2007 3:17:28 PM
needs stronger offensive cards like more angels... akroma, angel of wrath would be a good addition... besides that, this deck is really good.
2/14/2008 5:56:16 PM
pacifism is an awsome card,i'd add 3more pacifism's,1akroma,angel of wrath,1more venerable monk,2more angel of mercy,1 or more angels feather,1serra angel,1heroes remembered,and 1 beacon of immortality.
6/7/2008 9:16:03 PM
this deck with many things added could be a god deck ecspecially if u added test of endurace and more life gain cards.
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