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Odyssey Theme: One-Two Punch - Theme Format

  'Odyssey Theme: One-Two Punch' by webmaster submitted on 2/6/2004 xxx.8.173.133
Main DeckSideboard
15 Forest L
10 Mountain L

2 Druid Lyrist C
1 Gorilla Titan U
1 Krosan Archer C
2 Leaf Dancer C
1 Nantuko Mentor R
1 Rabid Elephant C
2 Beast Attack U
3 Chatter of the Squirrel C
2 Deep Reconnaissance U
1 Earth Rift C
3 Elephant Ambush C
2 Engulfing Flames U
1 Firebolt C
1 Howling Gale U
1 Moment's Peace C
2 Reckless Charge C
1 Refresh C
2 Roar of the Wurm U
2 Scorching Missile C
1 Seize the Day R
2 Sylvan Might U
1 Volcanic Spray U

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The One-Two Punch deck, like a heavyweight boxing match, is brutal and direct. Punch one: Put out more creatures than your opponent. Punch two: Blow up your opponent's smaller creatures, then attack. Flashback lets you play most of your spells twice, including some that put creatures into play, so you'll be able to amass a huge animal army.

Early on, you should fetch extra land with Deep Reconnaissance. After that, One-Two Punch is all about the combat step. This deck can put up to twenty-eight creatures on the table, and its support cards only make them more fearsome. Burn spells like Firebolt and Engulfing Flames clear out chump blockers. Sylvan Might pumps up a creature and gives it trample. You can make crushing surprise attacks by playing a creature, then using Reckless Charge to make it more powerful and give it haste so it can attack immediately. And Seize the Day lets you untap your biggest creature and attack with it again.

There are defensive combat tricks as well. Elephant Ambush and Beast Attack both put creatures into play at Instant speed. When your opponent makes an ill-advised attack, drop a fatty on the table and block. Green creature destruction! Moment's Peace can help you win the damage race by nullifying a counterattack, or it can save a creature in combat if you don't like how your opponent blocks.

It's worth repeating that all your flashback cards can be used twice. There are three Elephant Ambush cards in the deck, so you can play the spell six times. Remember, when you play a card with flashback from your graveyard, it's removed from the game. Empty your graveyard with a Gorilla Titan in play and you've got maximum deck efficiency... plus an 8/8 trampler.

The weak point of One-Two Punch is that it doesn't have many ways to destroy creatures besides slamming into them in combat. To improve the deck, take out cards that don't provide direct damage or creatures and put in cards that do. For example, Call of the Herd, the Invasion set's Ghitu Fire, and the Seventh Edition card Hurricane all pack a mean whallup. Your opponents won't know what hit 'em.
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Green Beatdown
7/3/2005 11:48:20 AM
Not much of Green cards from this deck since most of these cards have better replacements

Predator's Strike > Sylvan Might
Kodamas Reach > Deep R.
Although, Refresh and the Roar's are nice, but the roars are misplaced

The reds got a good deal though. Seize the day, Fire bolt, Scorching missle, etc. A must for reds.
darksteel colossus
3/12/2007 12:03:36 PM
its ok but nowone bought id buy it
darksteel colossus
3/12/2007 12:04:36 PM
roar of the wurm owns is like wurmweavercoil
10/2/2008 11:41:51 PM
so totally going to buy for all the good uncommons and uncommons
Phoenix Ignition
10/3/2008 12:11:46 AM
i think you could just buy every card in this deck that you wanted singly and then have 4x each one for a lower price than paying $8 for the whole thing.
10/18/2008 10:08:13 PM
could but $2.00 per a roar of the wurm 50 cents per a chatter thats already 5.50 plus i get all the other cards so thats why i would do it
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