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Odyssey Theme: Liftoff - Theme Format

  'Odyssey Theme: Liftoff' by webmaster submitted on 2/6/2004 xxx.8.173.133
Main DeckSideboard
1 Abandoned Outpost C
1 Seafloor Debris C
10 Plains L
9 Island L

1 Angelic Wall C
2 Aven Windreader C
1 Beloved Chaplain U
2 Blessed Orator U
2 Cephalid Broker U
2 Cephalid Looter C
1 Cephalid Retainer R
2 Cephalid Scout C
2 Hallowed Healer C
2 Millikin U
1 Mystic Crusader R
1 Mystic Penitent U
2 Mystic Visionary C
3 Mystic Zealot C
1 Nomad Decoy C
1 Pilgrim of Justice C
1 Puppeteer U
1 Embolden C
3 Kirtar's Desire C
1 Peek C
1 Second Thoughts C
1 Shelter C
1 Skycloud Egg U
2 Syncopate C
2 Think Tank U

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The Liftoff deck is for players who like to be in control. If you think you can outplay and outthink anyone who sits down across from you, this is the right deck for you. However, if you like ultra-aggressive games where you attack every turn until someone wins, you should probably trade Liftoff for another deck.

When the game begins, try to establish a strong defense while quickly reaching threshold. This deck excels at creature-based defense: the combination of Beloved Chaplain, Angelic Wall, Blessed Orator, and Hallowed Healer are very difficult for your opponent's forces to get through. As if that wasn't enough, Puppeteer, Nomad Decoy, and Kirtar's Desire keep opposing creatures from even entering combat. While you're busy frustrating your opponent, you can use Think Tank, Cephalid Looter, and Cephalid Broker to help you get seven cards into your graveyard. The two Cephalids are great because they allow you to put the card you really need into your hand while everything else goes to the graveyard. Millikin's ability lets you play your spells faster while its ''drawback'' only helps you reach threshold.

Once you get seven or more cards into your graveyard, this deck really shines. The Mystics all grow wings and turn into dynamite attackers. Meanwhile, your Healer and your Decoy become twice as effective! Once you get into a winning position, try to hold on to a Syncopate and leave enough mana to stop any game-breakers your opponent might come up with.

If you want to tune this deck, first decide whether you want to turn it into a pure control deck or a pure beatdown deck. If you want to go the counter route, replace some creatures with cards like Kirtar's Wrath or the Seventh Edition set's Wrath of God. Try to entice your opponent to put too many creatures into play, then wipe them all out. Follow up with some creatures you were saving in your hand, and cruise to victory. If beatdown is more your style, you'll want efficient white creatures like the Apocalypse card Spectral Lynx and the Seventh Edition card Longbow Archers. And, of course, it's hard to go wrong with Serra Angel.
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darksteel colossus
3/12/2007 12:01:32 PM
this deck is pretty good. i like it
skuzlebutt with patrick duffy as a leg
6/7/2007 12:53:49 PM
it good but you'll have to add a few lands to it
7/27/2012 11:12:07 PM
is definitely a good one. the rseoan she's not in it is because i think she's cheesy, and i hate it when people play her, so i don't play her myself (much lik big eldrazis).hoarding dragon is actually an interesting suggestion! especially with the equipment package i run!
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