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Mercadian Masques Theme: Disruptor - Theme Format

  'Mercadian Masques Theme: Disruptor' by webmaster submitted on 10/22/2003 xxx.8.173.133
Main DeckSideboard
12 Swamp L
8 Mountain L

2 Molting Harpy U
1 Cackling Witch U
1 Undertaker C
1 Silent Assassin R
1 Bog Witch C
2 Deepwood Ghoul C
1 Alley Grifters C
1 Enslaved Horror U
2 Wall of Distortion C
1 Primeval Shambler U
1 Cateran Enforcer U
1 Thrashing Wumpus R
1 Cinder Elemental U
1 Ogre Taskmaster U
1 Shock Troops C
1 Gerrard's Irregulars C
1 Henge Guardian U
2 Dark Ritual C
1 Vendetta C
3 Specter’s Wail C
1 Maggot Therapy C
2 Rain of Tears U
2 Snuff Out C
1 Larceny U
1 Sever Soul C
1 Lunge C
3 Stone Rain C
2 Thunderclap C
1 Subterranean Hangar U

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Lay down some good old-fashioned, gruesome carnage. The Disruptor is all about punishment and pain, with land and hand destruction galore.
See all decks by: webmaster
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Casey Aldridge
4/6/2007 4:31:48 AM
exelent, after i moded it it was a 14-2 deck.
5/2/2007 6:35:41 PM
what did you mod it with?
6/14/2008 10:04:01 PM
2 dark rituals, 1 lunge, and 2 thunderclap. this deck is sweet
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