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Exodus Theme: Widowmaker - Theme Format

  'Exodus Theme: Widowmaker' by webmaster submitted on 10/16/2003 xxx.8.173.133
Main DeckSideboard
Lands (25)
14 Island
11 Swamp

Creatures (17)
3 Manta Riders (C)
4 Merfolk Looter (C)
1 Keeper of the Mind (U)
1 Rootwater Hunter (C)
1 Thalakos Scout (C)
3 Vampire Hounds (C)
2 Mind Maggots (U)
1 Skyshroud Vampire (U)
1 Mindless Automaton (R)

Other (18)
2 Mana Leak (C)
2 Counterspell (C)
1 Capsize (C)
2 Forbid (U)
1 Treasure Trove (U)
1 Oath of Scholars (R)
2 Dark Ritual (C)
2 Diabolic Edict (C)
2 Dark Banishing (C)
2 Necrologia (U)
1 Null Brooch (R)

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Widowmaker takes full advantage of powerful card-drawing effects while letting you strengthen your forces by discarding what you don't need.
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4/24/2005 12:18:01 PM
this is perhaps the worst deck known to magic.
prince patterson
6/18/2005 4:57:59 PM
2 dark bannashing is great for this deck how about 2 terror for a side board.
Mental overload
11/14/2007 9:10:04 PM
mattimeo you stupid! this deck comes with great cards mana leak, counterspell, dark ritual, diabolic edict...etc...
11/14/2007 9:15:20 PM
i ought to buy this deck just for the dark rituals.
1/13/2012 12:58:36 PM
at last, someone comes up with the "right" aswenr!
12/28/2012 1:22:54 AM
it was brought to my atnitteon that i wasn't dead on board round two when i conceded the match. not sure how i missed that. can you pick it?all in all not my best set of matches, thought i drafted fine though.but was a lot of fun and look forward to doing it again soon.
12/30/2012 5:43:23 AM
weeeee, what a quick and easy soluoitn.
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