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Listed below are all the decks for Theme format. If you don't see one you like or think your deck should be on this list than use the Add Deck button to submit your own deck.


Deck NameFromDateColorsHits
Shadowmoor Theme: Turnabout (30)webmaster5/5/20089324
Shadowmoor Theme: Overkill (27)webmaster5/5/20089778
Shadowmoor Theme: Mortal Coil (27)webmaster5/5/200810804
Shadowmoor Theme: Aura Mastery (19)webmaster5/5/200810507
Shadowmoor Theme: Army of Entropy (36)webmaster5/5/200819213
Morningtide Theme Deck: Warrior's Code (33)webmaster2/12/200814120
Morningtide Theme Deck: Shamanism (29)webmaster2/12/200824696
Morningtide Theme Deck: Going Rogue (19)webmaster2/12/200812244
Morningtide Theme Deck: Battalion (26)webmaster2/12/200817503
Lorwyn Theme Deck: Merrow Riverways (53)webmaster10/15/200713836
Lorwyn Theme Deck: Kithkin Militia (49)webmaster10/15/200716771
Lorwyn Theme Deck: Elvish Predation (45)webmaster10/15/200712365
Lorwyn Theme Deck: Elementals' Path (47)webmaster10/15/200713802
Lorwyn Theme Deck: Boggart Feast (35)webmaster10/15/200720175
Tenth Edition Theme: Molimo's Might (22)webmaster7/19/20079809
Tenth Edition Theme: Kamahl's Temper (26)webmaster7/19/200710591
Tenth Edition Theme: Evincar's Tyranny (24)webmaster7/19/200713470
Tenth Edition Theme: Cho-Manno's Resolve (36)webmaster7/19/200716040
Tenth Edition Theme: Arcanis's Guile (24)webmaster7/19/200715017
Future Sight Theme Deck: Suspended Sentence (40)webmaster5/10/200715571
Future Sight Theme Deck: Rebels Unite (21)webmaster5/10/200714858
Future Sight Theme Deck: Future Shock (21)webmaster5/10/200720290
Future Sight Theme Deck: Fate Blaster (29)webmaster5/10/200720225
Planar Chaos Theme Deck: Endless March (21)webmaster3/30/200714472
Planar Chaos Theme Deck: Unraveling Mind (33)webmaster3/30/200717946
Planar Chaos Theme Deck: Rituals of Rebirth (61)webmaster3/30/200714355
Planar Chaos Theme Deck: Ixidor's Legacy (42)webmaster3/30/200716781
Time Spiral Theme Deck: Sliver Evolution (63)webmaster3/30/200720551
Time Spiral Theme Deck: Reality Fracture (32)webmaster3/30/200717069
Time Spiral Theme Deck: Hope's Crusaders (17)webmaster3/30/200715959
Time Spiral Theme Deck: Fun With Fungus (42)webmaster3/30/200711997
Coldsnap Theme Deck: Snowscape (18)webmaster3/30/200710853
Coldsnap Theme Deck: Kjeldoran Cunning (15)webmaster3/30/200710670
Coldsnap Theme Deck: Beyond The Grave (14)webmaster3/30/200711632
Coldsnap Theme Deck: Aurochs Stampede (20)webmaster3/30/200710643
Dissension Theme Deck: Azorius Ascendant (60)webmaster5/15/200615929
Dissension Theme Deck: Rakdos Bloodsport (70)webmaster5/15/200633361
Dissension Theme Deck: Simic Mutology (65)webmaster5/15/200633551
Guildpact Theme Deck: Code of the Orzhov (68)webmaster2/16/200639754
Guildpact Theme Deck: Gruul Wilding (69)webmaster2/16/200623297
Guildpact Theme Deck: Izzet Gizmometry (58)webmaster2/16/200626133
9th Edition Theme: World Aflame (17)webmaster10/16/200516236
9th Edition Theme: Lofty Heights (23)webmaster10/16/200516462
9th EditionTheme Deck: Dead Again (25)webmaster10/16/200512360
9th EditionTheme Deck: Custom Creatures (20)webmaster10/16/200519026
9th EditionTheme Deck: Army of Justice (14)webmaster10/16/200518656
Ravnica Theme Deck: Selesnya United (79)webmaster10/16/200521747
Ravnica Theme Deck: Golgari Deathcreep (64)webmaster10/16/200522596
Ravnica Theme Deck: Dimir Intrigues (56)webmaster10/16/200549884
Ravnica Theme Deck: Charge of the Boros (66)webmaster10/16/200526118

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